Strategies to Help You Stay Focused at your Coworking Space

The Guild offers coworkers more than just a place to work. We offer a supportive community of professionals that lift each other up and encourage success. When you work alone, either remotely for a company or as a freelancer, it can get a bit lonely. It’s exciting to be able to share news and successes…

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Be the office hero, remotely

rent office space south denver the guild englewood

Telecommuting Tips to Boost Productivity Telecommuting, or working remotely for an employer, offers great benefits for both you and the company you work for.  If you telecommute, use these tips for the getting the most out of your flexible work arrangement. Create the Right Setting Designate a workspace. Joining and working at The Guild a…

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What’s in a name?

how the guild coworking space was named

Where did the name, The Guild, come from? The Guild, a collaborative coworking community and the first of its kind in south Denver, opened doors nearly two years ago in the Englewood Town Centre. The Guild not only brought 80-100 new businesses to the neighborhood, it also joined the community as a place for events…

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